Don’t ask questions or an ebay seller will block you

I am sure someone will find it funny. It is a bit longish read – 2 minutes or so, but it might save some one a few hundred dollars, thus it might well worth it.

I’ve looking for a while to get myself new X220 and I found an interesting seller called newthinkpads with a great deal on exactly what I was looking for. The seller looks great too: 99.7% of positive feedback and all that.

Before clicking “Buy now” button I’ve re-read the description once again and found some discrepancies. Naturally, when you are about to slice up $1500 bucks you want to make sure you get what you’re paying for, so I’ve sent them a polite message:

This tablet isn’t convertible, is it? The picture shows convertible model but the number is X220 which isn’t. Kinda misleading information ;(

The response was a bit abrupt

newthinkpads> The item is exactly as stated in the listing.    

So, I’ve pressed a bit more

So, it is convertible then? Please confirm.
Also, in the description it says  Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205N WiFiBut in the Addition information section is states that:  Network Card 10/100/1000 + Wireless (802.11a/b/g/n)So which one it is after all? 

And got a response which send me wondering

newthinkpads> Sorry I am familiar with your terminology and no customer has ever asked us this before as our listing matching Lenovo website exactly.   

I wanted to explain as simple as possible

Sorry, I will make it simplier for you if Lenovo’s term “convertible” is too hard to grasp:can I swivel the monitor of this model once opened? Or it is only can be opened and closed?
As for the network card: you display two _different_ network cards in your ad. Lenovo allows to have one or another – not both.

Are you deliberately not answering my questions? How you expect me to buy a computer when I don’t even know what I am buying because of the confusing information from your store? 

And got the link to a completely different model from Lenovo website

newthinkpads> This is the item we are selling, but with slightly different specs so you can just compare:  

So, I said “wait a second”

Ok, so what I see is that it is convertible and has
  4 GB DDR3 – 1333MHz (1 DIMM)
however, your ad says it’s sold with 8GB. So, how much memory it has after all? 4 or 8 gigabytes?

And they called me an idiot

newthinkpads> It sounds like you are confused so perhaps ask a friend to walk you through the eBay listing.

So, I’ve called spades a spades

This is an insult! I have been doing computers for 25 years: building them
,repairing them and programming for them. And you call me being confused over
an apparent difference of 4 vs 8 Gb of memory in lenovo config vs yours?  WTF?
I think you need to fix your ads, fellas – they are highly inaccurate and

I will try one last time. Could you please send me the Lenovo model number for
the laptop you’re selling? It looks something like this “42962YU” or similar.
Hopefully, it isn’t very hard for you wise kids

And they offered to me go and f*ck myself

newthinkpads> Now you are just added to our block list for being a problem
buyer so you cannot purchase or contact us again.  This is through the ebay
messaging system so if you reply the email will not be delivered to us.

WTF? I am a problem buyer? Since when a buyer has to be a silent victim without a right to ask questions? This is an interesting motto – sounds like a highway robbery to me: “Gimme your money and shut up!”.

Hmm… may be after all I need to be thankful that they have locked me out because now I am not going to be defrauded? And I wonder how hard it is to massage yourself 6000+ positive feedback being a fraudster and an impolite jerk like that one? And sure I am not gonna send them another message – I will post it on the internet, where everyone can read it.


Author: DrCos

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5 thoughts on “Don’t ask questions or an ebay seller will block you”

  1. I wish I saw this earlier, because I've had a very similar experience with these nut jobs. They sold me a Thinkpad with full Lenovo 3 Year Depot warranty, but when I opened it up I found that the SSD and RAM were installed by the seller using non-Lenovo items. These are obviously not covered by the Lenovo warranty. They buy base spec models and upgrade them themselves with drives and ram of their choosing.

    I told the seller about my problem with this and their highly misleading adverts, they ignored my messages, and replied with nonsensical answers just as you describe.

    Following my experience, I had to leave a negative feedback as a warning to other buyers. I have now filed a paypal dispute.

  2. DUDES!!
    thank you for your info. It got me thinking about the w530 I was about to purchase and after reading your post I checked into Lenovo and they do not offer the w530 with a 750GB at 7400rpm. I knew it was too good of a price to be true. Thanks again so much for the eye-opener. That could have been an expensive mistake.

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