Dr. Krugman wants a banana fungus!

In his recent, and as usual far less than brilliant ‘blog’ he fired another salvo at Austrian school of economics. Because people with any traces of intellect aren’t welcome to leave comments there I decided to post my reaction at my own premises:

Dr. Krugman et all.

It is so good to see such a happy family of Keynesian’s dogmatics getting together at NYTimes (where else?) website.

Why don’t you also try to ridicule Newton’s laws or perhaps special theory of relativity, while you are at mocking Austrian school of economics?

Paraphrasing a widely used saying, the sense lies in the mind of a beholder: if a concept doesn’t make sense for you it oftentimes happen because one’s intellectual power is insufficient for such a laborious task of understanding.

Tagging people with names like right-wing, NRA and such is an old and boring smearing habit. Objective reality is going to protrude from the layers of harmful disinformation Dr. Krugman feeds his followers. It is so pointless to argue with folks like you, Dr. Krugman. And I really feel for the fellas who’ve tried to confront you in that forum. Next time they will know better and will just ignore you outright.


Google – Big Brother’s cousin.

Well, holy crap – it happens again: Google’s CEO has confirmed in a public speech that the company is an official evil corporation now. What he is saying essentially is that anyone who wants to have private life is almost a criminal.

Well, comrade Schmitt: why don’t start with posting your SSN, email exchanges with your wife and mistress (don’t you have one? Tell us, don’t be like one of those criminal private citizens!) to be available to all Google’s users? People have right to know, haven’t they? Besides, we all are just one big happy family and don’t need to be ashamed of anything, do we? Oh, shall you also upload your last year tax return to your very own Google docs? I’m sure that’d be a lot of fun to read…

Money printing in the nut shell…

Robert Murthy’s talk on Fed’s “exit strategy” from their downward spiral of destroying US economy. If you aren’t sure how “money printing” works, or what is “reserve multiplier” is, and you have no stomac to read brilliant Murray Rothbard’s “What Government Done to Our Money?” this video is for you.

And Dr. Murthy is funny and brisk as usual 🙂 So watch it – you won’t have any regret.

If Climate-gate emails aren’t enough, the source sure is…

A recent post on Slashdot which has the link to the analysis of the source code leaked from CRU so-called ‘scientific’ lab. The blatant mockery should be clear enough even for arrogant bungholes from Global Warming scare camp.

Well, may be I’m too optimistic about that – for some people facts don’t worth a damn, anyway…