Hadoop genealogy simplified

I have decided to simplify the elephant genealogy tree by separating pre-Hadoop 2.x part out of it. The new supported version will only be reflecting Hadoop 2.x. The last updated full version of the diagram is available for anyone from my github workspace under the tag WDD4


What you wanted to know about Hadoop, but were too afraid to ask: genealogy of elephants (New Year 2013).

About a year ago I have published the original genealogy of elephants. A number of changes have happened in the field since then and as some of my readers have pointed out the original diagram became stale. I am certainly thankful for the feedback and I am publishing the new version today. It sounds like a good New Year resolution too 😉

As you can see there are quite a bit of changes in the tree. Say, CDH4 looks like a child of promiscuous parents – not for the first time, apparently – as it inherits characteristics of H1 and H2 at the same time (MR1 if you wondering); and some other changes as well.

Ladies and gentlemen: Genealogy of Elephants II.