Shameless open source’s assassin at Strata 2013: Microsoft

The first thing you see entering to the Strata 2013 exhibition is hugely tasteless Miscrosoft booth that is sitting in the premium spot of the floor right next to the front doors. Later update: don’t believe me: check this

// This year BigData conference was largely focused on Hadoop and downstream technologies: HBase, Spark, and so on. As most of you would know, this technological niche is based on two open source whales: Java/JVM, and Linux. Now, unless you spent last 15 years on Mars, you would know that there’s no love lost between the Microsoft and open source community. And don’t hurry to blame open source for this endless assault. Check just a few results from Google search in vague chronological order ranging from 1998 to 2012:

And there are many other evidences that you can easily dig up by just scrolling through about 56,000,000 articles found by Google. 

Some apologists might say “The Microsoft has changed lately”. Really? Banning Linux from booting on ARM based Windows 8 devices is just an honest mistake then, I presume.

Perhaps “It is their hardware and they can do whatever they are pleased” other pin-heads might say. Do I need to answer this? How about me paying for the hardware? Do I own it now? Or am I just leasing it from dudes up in Redmond, WA? Do I need to go down to basic economical explanations about natural law?

And after all these heinous things they are coming to the midst of the open source celebration like nothing happens. They even sponsored the lunch on the last day of the conference. I think people who ate that poisoned stuff might find themselves enslaved to Microsoft via some kinda of EULA or something.

But joking aside, do these guys have a nerve or what? May be MS thinks they now are a king of the hill just by virtue of hiring for legwork this certain startup, who’s founders did a lot of the Hadoop initial work? Judge for yourself.