First ever Hadoop 1.0 open-source data analysis stack is out!

Basically, that says it all: BigTop 0.3 release is out as I’ve written in the blog. This is the major step in BigTop evolution and a very significant step in advancing open-source data analytics stack on top of Hadoop. Now people, enterprises and alike can have a Hadoop’s big data stack that is reliable and fully validated for compatibility.

Why bother, you might say? Well, the biggest thing, of course, is that it is 100%, genuine open-source product. If you decided to go with it you’ll prevent your business from vendor lock-in, which is always possible when you go with a commercial providers

[boilerplate to put the name of your favorite vendor in here]  
So, go ahead, configure the BigTop’s packages repository for your Linux distribution of choice and enjoy the mighty Hadoop stack!

Author: DrCos

Dao-Clinicist, Groovy mon, Sprechstallmeister / Concerns separator / 道可道 非常道 / Disclaimer: all posts are my personal opinion and aren't of my affiliations

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