AT&T is not environmental friendy :-(

Despite all well financed media and political hysteria about climate change – which is always a good sign that something is very fishy – I am nonetheless positive that idling aren’t good for anyone’s health. The reasons are plenty:

  • CO/CO2 pollution
  • nitrogen oxides sulfur pollution
  • noise
  • what have you

I should, perhaps, point out that I live in a very quite and green suburban community, separated even from out little town: very few cars, pretty much no traffic and all that.

Today I was parking at my house and noticed AT&T truck – one of those gas guzzlers F150 – parked at neighbor place. The engine was idling. About two hours later, I took my dog for a walk. Surprise-surprise: the dude’s in the same spot, same crap coming out of his exhaust pipe, poisoning everyone around for no good reason. I went down to ask the chump to turn it off and no one was inside 😦 Truck running, headlights are on, a laptop with non-green Windows OS running and all this for no one.

I would love to publish their license plate, but no luck – 10 minutes later when I was back and ready to get my camera to make the picture – the truck was gone.

Looks like AT&T is the evil company. First that now this.

P.S. And about 24 hours later I’ve read the article about their plans for switching over to alternative fuel vehicles in the next decade. Should I apologize? I don’t think so