Review of Taken (D-)

It’s so not in my customs to review movies 😦 But this time I couldn’t resist the urge.
I went to a movie with friends and we happened to watch Taken. The main reason, I think, was that we all like Liam Neeson.

Here’s where the good things end: I should say that the rest of the stuff I’ve seen in this movie is dreadful at least.

The movie is so based on vulgar Hollywood’s templates of bad and good guys; of a teenager girl, acting like an imbecile; of how good guys are being hurt but are grabbing their butts and fighting back. And of course the good guy has to fight bad guys driving all-times-best Jeep SUV.

Also a business is totally inhumane; corrupted Euro-police is so on their side; only US gov’s dude (which happens to be a good and carrying father, despite his ‘never being there for the family and serving people’ job description) is capable of stopping such a shameless cartel. Et cetera.

However something new got on the surface: now good guys are allowed to torture the bad ones. And no wonder where the skills were acquired: the good dude is former spy. What a twist!

A perverted producer/director of the movie doesn’t think that simply killing the crooks is enough now: they have to suffer before hand. Is it the vapors of Guantanamo that clouding their brains?

In short: the movie is full of politicized crap, nonsenses, and foul movie stamps.


Blog’s transition

Hello everyone!

Thanks for visiting me here – most likely you’ve found my transitional message at my old blog place. The main reason behind this move is to be able to discuss not only Java and software related topic, but to be able to talk about different thing: history, economics, photography, and ‘course all sorts of technology shall I have anything interesting to share.

Also, this blog is going to be at least bilingual and most likely I won’t bother translating whatever I’m gonna post here from one language to another. If you can’t read it – use Google’s translation service and get totally puzzled about the meaning of the original 😀

I hope that I’d be able and willing to actually transfer some of the old articles I have posted on down here, but dunno when it’s gonna happen. At least for now I’ll put backlinks there so it won’t be missed.