The secret of laughing Buddha is revealed…

For many centuries people all around the world were trying to find out the cause of endless happiness of Buddha (click on a picture to see it in a greater resolution).

I am pretty sure that now I know the actual reason and it is – as many have suspected before – great monk’s angle of view on the existence.

Lady and gentlemen, the great secret of Buddha’s happiness!

He sees what many of us have failed to discover.

Aren’t you departing being totally illuminated?


"Hadoop isn’t without faults" said GigaOm

I came across this GigaOm article which among some legitimate points (such as lack of innovations to hide the complexity of MR framework) also says that “Hadoop is the talk of the town when it comes to big data, but it’s not without faults…”.

Apparently folks @GigaOm have been looking into Hadoop very close to notice that Hadoop has faults. It has a lot of them. In fact, it has a special fault injection framework in it, which sole purpose is to add faults into the Hadoop like there’s no tomorrow.

Being an author of this fault injection stuff I feel really flattered that GigaOm has noticed it 😉