Moot promises or just a damage control?

I have came across this post from Platfora which, among other trivialities, says:

Hadoop is irresistible for this reason, but the big question that remains is how to use the data there once you’ve stored it. The challenge is that Hadoop is a very different architecture to traditional data warehouses. It is a batch engine — a lumbering freight train that can process immense amounts of data, but takes a while to get up to speed, so even the simplest question requires minutes of processing.

How lyrical! And then we got a glimpse of The Promised Land laying ahead:

Here at Platfora we are laser focused on this next phase of Hadoop. The result won’t just match the status quo, but exceed it in flexibility and the ability to scale and adapt to changing requirements. Exciting times are ahead – stay tuned. 

No, wait – not an exactly promised land: just a promise of one. I wonder if this an attempt to damage control of yesterday’s announcement about a vendor’s support for Spark platform, that I was discussing in my last post? 🙂