What kind of A-holes are blogging for Forbes?

As taken from this blogpost on Forbes
“…Because there are only a limited number of potassium iodide tablets in the world, people hoarding them in the U.S. are preventing them from getting those who really need them—like the people in Japan. The Union of Concerned Scientists issued a statement saying that Americans should not stockpile the tablets…” (emphasis is mine)

I am not discussing this particular blogger’s post ’cause he’s beyond help already (chemically, economically, etc.) What I want to point at is that apparently so called concerned scientists are more concerned than scientific. Or they are simply too busy making statements and don’t have no time to read a school chemistry textbook to find out how to make any amount of KI in one’s own kitchen.

Well, I am here to help. Here’s the reaction, my concerned friends

6KOH + 3I2 = 5KI + KIO3 + 3H2O

I am completely agree with a part of the passage above! Some quantities are very limited on this planet… of intelligence, for starter.

Author: DrCos

Dao-Clinicist, Groovy mon, Sprechstallmeister / Concerns separator / 道可道 非常道 / Disclaimer: all posts are my personal opinion and aren't of my affiliations

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