Is Bernanke not that senile after all?

A really interesting case of Freudian slip is in recent Bernanke’s speech. The guy seems to understand that we are up to out throats in the steaming pile of economic recovery. Even more interesting is the fact that he seems to be using his brain often enough to admit that that steaming pile is only going to get deeper over time with all unfunded liabilities the Great Society endure us in the last 40 years or so.

However at the end of it he seems to go back to the business as usual talking some nonsenses on how US Congress can bring-up financial responsibility to the federal government.

A detailed review of the speech can be read on Economic Policy Journal website.

Elephants space flight training…

Recently I have gotten into some back issues and have to be easy on my back and spine. For the purpose I bought myself an inversion table (which might or might not work – I don’t have enough anecdotal evidences yet).

However, I don’t like to waste my time thus I found a way to keep working on my favorite Hadoop while I’m decompressing my back.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the first ever ‘Elephants space flight training‘ program!

First derivative of US national debts (i.e. the speed of grow) is increasing

Only a year ago I posted this little script to show a growth of US national debts in real time. According to this article the speed of growth was about $42K a second.

As of today, the speed has increased to about $46K a second. Thus the acceleration is about $4K/sec over last year.

Back in November 2009 US was at $12T of debts.
At the moment of this writing (March 2010) the level of this nation debts is almost $12.6

Now boys and girls: with all power of American public education. can you tell me when the amount of your debts will hit $13,000,000,000,000.00 ? And what first derivative will be by then?

And this real-time detailed debt panel is fascinating, ladies and gentlemen!